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Bird Triptych

This is my favorite! ^0^

I'd like to ask you how important the nature is. How our action effecting world wide nature crisis such climate change? What actions should we take for the future, for our children, for the earth?
Earth is dying. We should not close our eyes for our future.
I painted the same bird but different situations. In 2008 the year I painted this series, 2050 and 2100.

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Get Out!(2008)

Get Out! (2008)
Oil on Canvas, 40*27

Get Out! (2050)
Oil on Canvas, 40*27

Get Out! (2100)
Mixed Media on Canvas, 40*27

What are these "birds" saying in this triptych???

"Get Out! (2008)"
In 2008 I am strong enough to kick about humans.
"Get out! Get out from my sight. Humans are not welcome here."
But humans intrude on nature impolitely. Humans often invade nature's territories without any reserve. Humans destroy natural habitat.
Should humans be allowed to do so? Do we not need to protect the great environment from such destruaction??

"Get Out! (2050)"
In 2050 I feel slightly waek.
"I used to scatter humans very when they came into my field, but they kept coming, acting rudely and without regard to nature. Something is seriously wrong with the air, the ground and the water. The environment is seriously damaged and we are all going to die if someone does not take care of it."
Are humans ok in such an environment?

"Get Out! (2100)"
In 2100 I am still alive but I have been feeling very badly since 2050.
The water, the air and ground is very polluted. I have seen this coming, but humans have not recognized this.
Am I dying? Are humans OK?? Are your children OK??? Is the future of the earth OK????
If people do not take serious action to correct the environment what will happen to the erath?????
But who will do this?

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