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CD Covers

These are CD Covers which I painted for several musicians for their CD inside or outside.
Some ones were commission businesses and other are that they bought my painting for their CD covers.
At least, I can say clearly all of them are great and famous musicians in Dallas Fortworth Metroplex.
We love them and their music. So I believe that you must enjoy these, too. I enjoyed this business a lot.

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Thelonious Monk

CD Tittle "Evidence" by David Zoller and Woody Barner.
This is double CDs of music by Thelonious Monk.
David Zoller(who call him "Dave" as a friend of ours) who is leader and co-founder of this CD is a great great jazz pianist, composer and arranger, also nice old guy ^0^. And another founder and drums player of this double CDs, Woody Berner was used to be a member of famous big band "One O'Clock Lab Band" of UNT(University North Texas)**.
**Please see the notice below about One O'Clock Lab Band and UNT.
Especially Dave loves Thelonious music a lot. And I think this double CDs must be one of the best CDs of Thelonious music. Many people may say "No, no, no. The best one of Thelonious is with John Coltrain". But if you say so, you should listen to this CDs. There are mainly two reasons why I say this is the best CDs from Thelonious music. All musicians are not only great musicians but also they understand about Thelonious music. Second reason is Dave's great arrangement of all of Thelonious musics in this double CDs. If you miss this chance you may regret it. This CD will be available from late 2017.
Also I've gotten an information about vinyl, too, in late August 2017. He will release vinyl late this year. This is great news for me because I can enjoy CD sounds and vinyl sound both. ^0^

These are few sketches of Thelonious Monk images which I made before final design. And finally I put blue color on design-1 because from his famous music titled "Blue Monk", and Dave likes it. ^0^
Design-1 Thelonious-B&W Design-2 Thelonous-Right Design-2 in ColorThelonous-Right-Color Comical SketchThelonious-Comical-Sketch

Painting Title; Blue Monk (In "Jazz Player Series".)
Oil on Canvas, 16*16

You may know about One O'Clock Lad Band of UNT(University North Texas). If not, you should know it.
Actually UNT is the first university who started jazz-study in the world. And only University who got
six or seven times nomination of Grammy Award and they got one Grammy in 1975 if I remember correctly.
No university got even nomination of Grammy except One O'Clock Lab Band so far.
UNT has nine great nine big bands from "9 O'Clock Lab Band" through the most famous "One O'Clock Lab Band".
From these band, many of great musicians joined to famous Duke Elington big band, Count Basie big band, Maynard Ferguson big band, more and more.

Pleasant Meeting

CD Tittle "Peasant Company" by American Bedouin(Lead by Buddy Mohmed).
This group plays kind of mixture of jazz and Middle Eastern music.
They are quite unique and quite nice sounds group. Basically this band has only three members, guiter, violyn and percussion. But Buddy invited vibraphone player, clarinet player and drum set player in this CD.(Also Buddy plays guitar and bass in this CD.)
The leader of this group, Buddy Mohmed, is one of our best friend in the U.S.A. He studied jazz bass at famous and great jazz study university, UNT(University North Texas). And he played many of famous musician like Rolling Stones or so.
We remember that he made quite good cappuccino when we visited his house several years ago. It was the best cappuccino that we ever had. At that time he adviced us that 2% milk is good for cappuccino. Because of balance of taste and flavor. Whole milk is too strong and 1% or 0% milk is too weak for cuppccino. That is good advice for us. So after that we started to make cuppccino in our house. ^0^

Painting Title; Pleasant Meeting (In "Wonderland Series".)
Oil on Canvas, 24*24
Be Comisssioned

Bug's Groove-VI-Small

CD Tittle "Live at Stoney's" by Mike Boogler.
This CD was founded and leaded by great jazz piano player and singer Mike Boogle. He is a jazz teaching stuff of one of the college of Dallas, TX. He was an assistant producer of famous and great One O'Clock Lab Band of University North Texas for several years supporting great composer and producer Neil Slater, Professor Emeritus of UNT.
Acording to the information which I got recently though e-mail from Dallas(Because we had already left the U.S.A. in 2015), this CD was nominated to the Grammy in 2016. And more, he was nominated to jazz study teaching stuff at Grammy Award same time that I heard.
He used many of my paintings not only the front page of his CD but also inside, backside and all over of his new CD. It means that his CD is covered by my several paintings. How wonderful it is to me, right?? ^0^
So if you buy this CD, you can see my favorite four(partially five) paintings of mine, too. I love this CD. ^0^

Painting Title; Bug's Groove in Blue Moon-VI (In "Wonderland Series".)
Oil on Canvas, 22*26

Lady May

CD Tittle "A Portrait of Lady May" by Tatiana Mayfield.
This young lady is great singer, composer and arranger of jazz.
Actuaally when we saw her first time at Fortworth Jazzz Festival was almost ten years ago when she was still a cute high school girl. After that she went to UNT(University North Texas) to study vocal music corse, arrangement and compossition of music. You can listen how much she has great talent and avility of singer and composer both in this CD.
And more. She was nominated to top ten young jazz vocalist in 2000s.(Maybe 2007 or 2008?? Sorry I don't remember when exactly.) So you can see how she is wonderful in this CD. She included many of her orriginal song here.
You can see my painting not only on this CD itself but also inside of CD cover. Cute lady and great singer, Tatiana Mayfield.
She is actually great!! ^0^
Painting Title; Lady May (In "Jazz Player Series".)
Oil on Canvas, 16*16

Full of Heart

CD Tittle "Sandra Kaye Sings Big Band Ballads and Blues" by Sandra Kaye.
Sandra sings great standard number with great composer and arranger Curtis Bradshaw Big Band in this CD. Usually Sandra sings mainly standard jazz numbers which I and my husband like a lot. Not only her powerful voice but also her heartfull and appealing sounds catch our hearts.
Maybe I need to talk about this big band next. Composer and arranger Curtis Bradshaw conducted this big band of course. Curt(we call him Curt in a friendly way) is quite nice guy of course. And many jazz players in DFW respect him very much because of not only the arrangement or composition of music but also his personality. Actually after we became friends, he invited me and my husband to his house after the concert which is probably in this CD. At that time almost of all musicians of his band(maybe 16 pieces big band??) were in his house. And he and his wife took care of us very very nicely. We will never forget it.
In this band, there are many of great and famous jazz musicians in it. Arlington Jones on piano, Lynn Seaton on bass, Pete Gallio and Rone Jones on tenor saxophones and more and more. So now you know how this CD is great. ^0^

Painting Title; Full of Heart (In "Jazz Player series".)
Oil on Canvas, 24*24

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