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Abstract & Cubism

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Fossil Fossils are the great history of earth.
A pile of history of plants and creatures.
We human is alive on the top of it.
We can not, and we should not destroy it.
But we are destroying the nature. Why?
Do we need to think of our earth?
Do we need to think of our children?
What is our role of human???
Oil on Canvas, 32*32

Conflict Conflict in my mind.
Too many inexhaustible, inconsistent and inconsequent discrepancy.
So that, not only my body but also even my shadow goes to the opposite way from people.
Which way I should go?
I have a big conflict in my mind.
Which is my way to pierce through?
Oil on Canvas, 40*20

IntricateMind Intricate strings. Intricate mind. I couldn't undo it for a long time.
Maybe nobody exept me can not untie this entanglement.
But please somebody loosen even a bit it, and open the window for my future.
Intricate Mind
Oil on Canvas, 36.5*16.5

The Epoch of Life The birth of life. The birth of living things.
Long time ago, from the sea to the land. From microbes to insects.
Insects to animals. And to human beings.
The Origin of Species.(C. Darwin)
The Epoch of Life
Oil on Canvas, 38*18

Life(Youth-Meridian-Vintage) Life.
We all are green as grass when we are young.
Becoming a man ripe with experiences. The peak of career. Everything is going well with our plan.
But bitter competition for leadership. Busy time but everything in our hands.
Then time flies, we are equally becoming to the vintage year.
Full of life. Calm and happiness. Family and love.
This is the life.
Acrylic on Canvas, 54*31

Whirl The world has been whirled around me.
Time has been whirled around me.
My life whirled out of signt.
My haed is whirling.
Strong tides.
Acrylic on Canvas, 50*20

Torn Peace Suddenly peace was torn into pieces. War.
Bloodshed, carnage, malice & meaningless excution.
Family was torn apart one by one.
Why people need to start war?
Why people need to kill each other?
Nobody can tell me any good answer and real reason of it.
No more war.

This is double canvas piece.

Torn Peace
Mixed Media on Canvas, 20*20

Freedom Jazz Dannce-II Bass plays cool sounds. Paul Chambers? Jimmy Merrit??
So piano is swinging snug music. Tommy Flanagan? Bud Powell??
And of course trumprt plays straight-ahead jazz like Dizzy Gillespie,
Kenny Dorham, Blue Mitchell or Clifford Brown .
Why we can miss this music?
So many great music are around us in DFW(Dallas-Fort Worth and Denton).
We are lucky here. We are happy here. ^0^ ^0^

Freedom Jazz Dance-II
Mixed Media on Canvas, 24*24

Freedom Jazz Dannce-III Bass plays offbeat jazz. My favorite Eddie Gomez? Or Ron Carter??
But piano is rolling very thrilling up-tempo music. Bill Evance? Chick Corea??
Or Herbie Hankock???
And of course trumprt plays exciting jazz like Miles Davis, Lee Morgan
or Freddie Hubberd??? .
All of these music are just great!!

Freedom Jazz Dance-III
Mixed Media on Canvas, 24*24

Hot Summer Night One hot summer night. Without a breath of air.
Galaxies in the clear dark-blue sky.
Hot air slash the night sky with sharp knife.
The fireworks sparkled and slash dark-blue sky, too.
Feeling of inertia in a hot summer night.
Lazy hot summer night.
Hot Summer Night
Mixed Media on Canvas, 47*31

Safe Place My little three baby birds.
You are safe here beside me.
Do not go far from me. I'll protect you from disease and enemy.
You must be in danger if you go away from me.
Come close together.

Safe Place
Acrylic on Canvas, 24*30

Hands I have great friends.
Everybody reach out their hands to me.
I do not lose my way anymore.
Good friends. Great help. Thank you.
Helping Hands
Mixed Media on Canvas, 40*20

Steven Our friend, Steven.
He is a professor of art in one of the college of Texas U.S.A.
Always he is thinking abstract pottery.
I'd like to look into his brain a bits.
It must be a good brain inside. Do you agree with me??
Right Side "Tea Pot" Tea Pot Bottom "Tea Cups" Tea Cups
Acrylic on Canvas, 16*20

I'm lonely when I 'm alone.

I feel loneliness when I walk alone.

I feel empty, too, if I do not have any friends.

But if three of us could be together, we are not lonely and feel great. Friends.
Happy Together
Mixed Media on Canvas, 11*48

Lightning Strong lightning coming through from Southwest to Northeast.
Heavy rain and sometimes either hail. Thick and low clouds.
Thunder rumbled in th North sky.
Lightnings were crushing our souls.
Please go away from me.
Acrylic on Canvas, 33*33

Tornado Heavy rain and strong lightning is coming. Sometimes even hails.
There must be tornado some area near here.
Dark and thick clouds.
Please do not come to me. And no-crushing me either.
Please, please leave me alone.
Acrylic on Canvas, 36*33

Party, party, party Having big party tonight.
Welcome party for somebody?
Frien's birthday??
Bridal party???
Celebrating promotion for somebody????
After we have lots of wine, nobody care of it. Party. party and just party.

This comes from the imagination from which we had parties at the end of every year at our house in the U.S.A.
Party, party, party
Oil on Canvas, 24*48

I apologize if you are offended by some mistake or poor description of my sentences below.
Please understand it's because of not my original language, English. Thank you.

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