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Still Life, Landscape and Portrait

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She is one of our best friend in the States.
She was fine model when she was in NY.
One day she quitted her model business, then she came down to Dallas.
She love jazz music. Then we met at one of jazz spot in Dallas(Dallas Museum of Art).
She is lovely lady. She invited us for her birthday party, then we invited her to our Bonen-kai
which is Japanese year-end-party. Then we became best friends. Nice memory.

Oil on Canvas, 22*27

Kicchom "Kicchom" is one of a famous Japanese "Shohchu" which is Japanese original hard liquor. Especially in the southern Japan, people prefer it much more than "Sake". Kind of Japanese vodka?? But it's made by several kind of materials, sweet potato, wheat, buckwheat, rice, sesame and so on. Depends on a material. every "Shohchu" has something different flavor & different fragrance.
Let's warm up together in the dead of winter.
Acrylic on Canvas, 24*20

My Favorites I like my old boots. I like these oranges which we've gotten from our friend house in CA. Very fresh.
I like onions, garlics and lots of herbs like thyme, sage, oregano, basil and rosemary especially for spaghetti.
These are my favorits.
My Favorites
Acrylic on Canvas, 15*27

Autumnal Long Night The long night in autumun. Reading my favorit books, and having a little bit of brandy or wine.
Peter Rabit says you must sleep now. But I can not and don't want to stop it. I do not want to sleep so early.
This is my pleasant time. Please leave me alone for a while.
Autumnal Long Night
Acrylic on Canvas, 32*26

Stony Road(Eze, France) Southern France, there is a great dreamy old small villege near from Nice.
This villege has been keeping for long time from foreign enemy like pitrates because of the location which is the top of the cliff directly from Mediterranean.
And very narrow roads of inside of villege have guarded from foreign enamies, too.
Silently, isolatedly. But also very beautifully they have been keeping their own world.
Breathtaking small town, Southern France, Eze, .
Stony Road(Eze, France)
Acrylic on Canvas, 31.5*25.5

Texas Sunset Hot August. In the middle of nowhere between Dallas & Houston in Texas. We've met big and great sunset.
The sun glared down on us unreservedly. Everything which was in the vulgar world has been covered by strong sunlight.
Nobody could win.
Irresistible & almighty power of sun.
Texas Sunset
Oil on Canvas, 41.5*29.5

Earring You must go to the party tonight. Alone? For Xmas?
Wearing blue dress and golden earrings. Early night of cold winter.
I know you must have spent great time at the party. Because you are and you will be always in favor with all people. But who would be a lucky man who could dance with you tonight?
Have a great time and come back before midnight.
Acrylic on Canvas, 26*30



My friend's dog "Aimus(Aim us)".
We've never seen him. But his blue eyes are beautiful.
Oil on Canvas, 30*24

My Companions My good companions.
Since several years ago, they are always in my sight.
Kichin, living room, my bed side and on my desk.
When I smile at them, they smile me back always.
Pleasant time, pleasant place. Home.
My Companions
Oil on Canvas, 28.5*22.5

Eye told you-1 As I told you, you are still child.
As I told you, you still can not think who I am.
As I told you, come again when you grow up more.
Everything in the world is changing. I'm changing, too.
So you need to grow up even little bit more.
As "Eye" told you before.

Eye told you-1
Oil on Canvas, 15*15

S&K All are my favorites.
Not only these old tea cups, Peter Rabbit, small bears, Harry Potter's novels. But also oranges and wine.
I could live all together.
Oil on Canvas, 28.5*16.5
Present to my parents

Yosemite Just the song of calm stream, wind and cicadas distantly.
Nothing but that's all.
Quiet and hot summer in Yosemite. Beautiful nature world.
Recomfirmation of beauty of earth. How happy we are now.
But this is the time for the recomfirmation of conservation for the nature, too.

Oil on Canvas, 36*30

My Small Caribbean Sea One of hot summer day, I dreamed of Cancun Mexico where we visited few years ago back.
White sands and clear and cobalt blue ocean. Coral reef and uncounterble tropical fishs with blue, yellow, red, ogange and striped ones.
Still I'm living in a dream? If dream, I'd like to translate this dream into reality.
One hot summer day.
My Small Caribbean Sea
Oil on Canvas, 29*23.5

Eye told you-3 Human change gradually but definitely.
Young-happy(right), meridian-worry(center) and middle age-unwelcome person(left).
I'd like to keep simplicity, innocence and gentle mind as long as possible. How do you think of it if you were me?
Eye told you-2
Oil on Canvas, 50*18



We've never seen him. But he must be quite nice guy.^0^
He was a son of our friend in Dallas. He was a model, actor and motor cycle racer, too. But he died late 2010 at the age of 28.
During auto-race, the acident was happened suddenly. Very sad story. But for his father I painted his portrait.
Oil on Canvas, 24*24

Serenity-2 South of Japan.
Not far from my home town.
There was a still great heavenly nature.
Calm stream, moss on the trees, small bamboo trees and no sound.
Lovely view and lovely moment.
The time has gone. So still the same as it was?
The mind of people are still the same??
Oil on Canvas, 26*18

Red & White The arrow is one of happy symbol in Japan .
Alternate red and white color, too.
We use them for New Year, wedding and so on.
Please live happily ever after.
Red & White
Oil on Canvas, 22*28

Bourbon Jazz In late summer, very humid town Neworleans.
We've been there long time ago back.(br> Almost of the Bourbon Street was flooded with all kinds of music, not only jazz but also rockenroll, countrymusic and so on.
Almost of people were visitors without exception.
Entire Bourbon Street in the night was hot but funny and crazy which we liked very much.
Bourbon Jazz
Acrylic on Canvas, 39.5*27.5

Old Wine Bottle Vintage wine from long time back, 1947.
Drink with smoked cheese or nuts such almond, walnuts, pecan & et cetra.
This is the most favorite way to have great wine for me.
Old Wine Bottle
Acrylic on Canvas, 20*24

Wine Bottle Good california wine makes me a pleasant time always.
With husband, with good friends.
If you want to meet me, bring good wine.--Joke.
Wine Bottle
Acrylic on Canvas, 20*24

Tea Cups "Which do you prefer lemon or milk for your tea?"
This is too ordinary question for people.
I'd like to ask you "which do you like lemon or Irishmist for your tea".
My favorite nightcap, Irishmist.
You must like it, too.
Tea Cups
Acrylic on Canvas, 32*26

Valley View Northwest U.S.A. We can see peaceful and quiet sceneries everywhere.
Also many animals such bisons, mooses, deers and even grizzlies.
And we can meet brook trouts and rainbow trouts in the calm and clean water river.
My quiet time. My pleasant time.
Valley View
Oil on Canvas, 48*48 (Two Paintings)

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