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New Romance

I'm happy if you feel something inside of you from this series.
I combined "my feeling" and "Japanese mind" together in these paintings.

If you want to enlarge these paintings, please click on the photos.
Bamboo in the morning sunlight Bamboos in Japan. The winds come through amang the bamboos make us feel good. Especially in the morning.
They heals our sorrow. They give us the quietness. And they give us the feeling of peace.
Morning lights come through between the bamboos are the gift from sun.
Bamboo in the morning light
Oil on Canvas, 48*22

Moonlight Serenade Trees in the night. If you see carefully, all trees are dancing with trousers and pantaloons.
Fairies are also coming to dance in high spirits.
What a pleasant and peaceful night. What a quiet night.

Moonlight Serenade
Mixed Media on Canvas, 45*16

The resurrection of Hope(Hurt Butterfly) Wound of body. Wound of heart. Injured pride. Diseases. We may face it someday. I hope not. But maybe near future? But if we stand up to these difficulties, we can surely see the ressurection of hope someday. While there is life, there is hope.

Actually just next day of our visit for friend at the hospital in CA, unexpectedly we saw very injured beautiful red butterfly at the front yard of our house. So I had big inspiration of this painting. This is the history why I painted this.
First painting of this was presented to our close friend in the U.S.A. several years ago. But after that I missed it a lot. So that I painted second one.^0^ And still I have it on the wall of our house in Japan. ^0^

The resurrection of Hope(Hurt Butterfly)
Oil on Canvas, 42*35
Presented(First Painting)

Far from the Light The bitter truth and hurt mind.
All I know about "the light" was fiction??
I retrace my past steps. But nothing I can see.
Maybe I came already too far from "the light".
Far from the Light
Oil on Canvas, 47*18

Nymph Nymph, Nereid, Naiad, Dryad, Sylvan, Gnome, Salamander, Oread, Sylph.
All beautiful girls of half god, half human.
Since very long time ago, we are believing Nymph exists.
Maybe if you have pure mind, if you are naivete, if you are childlike and if you have simplicity, you can see them and talk to them someday.
They are always very close to you in the nature.
But depends on yourself if you can see them or not.
Oil on Canvas, 24*48

Bamboo in the moonlight Moonlight thrpugh bamboos in the calm night.
Comfortable wind come through them.
They give us the feeling of peace.
Moonlight through bamboos are the gift from heaven.
Bamboo in the moonlight
Oil on Canvas, 48*20

Painted Hills Midwest of States, there was very pleasant autumn scenery.
All hills were painted by many kind of leaves and grasses.
Very quiet time, very expansive time.
Painted Hills
Oil on Canvas, 46*17

Moonlight Breeze Great moon with unknown flowers.(From my imagination.)
I was completely overwhelmed by big moon.
Color is neither white nor yellow.
But nobody could win this power. Nobody.
Moonlight Breeze
Mixed Media on Canvas, 32*26

Sign of Spring Spring is coming. Still out side is cold enough sometimes.
But you can hear the foot steps of spring certainly.
All buds of trees and flowers were already sprouting even a bit.
And everything is exhilarating. And we hum a song of our own accord.
Good season spring.
Sign of Spring
Oil on Canvas, 48*24

Pop My heart bounds with joy.
New year, great spring season, hot summer which I like, when I encountered an old friend on the street, marriage, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
Every moment, my hearts leaps up. My heart pops away.
Oil on Canvas, 33*33

Summer Breeze Hot summer breeze pass through thin bamboo trees.
This wind gives us an illusion of fluffy feeling.
They are a sentient artist of fantasy? Or just I'm becoming a visionary??
All the same to me. Comfortable world for me.
Summer Breeze
Oil on Canvas, 24*48

Special Egg(New Life) I have one thing I've locked away from other world. It is my "special egg".
It's something I'm treasuring from out side.
Nobody can find and touch it. Nobody can open it.
Just only I know how to open it, and how important it is.
I know you also have at least one your special egg with you.
Sometimes just you might not find it yet. But surely you have.
Special Egg(New Life)
Oil on Canvas, 24*18

The Door for the Future There is surely one door for the future which everybody has.
You may find it, or may not. But it depends on yourself.
There is no late for serching it. No relation with your age.
Everytime it's open?? Also depends on you.
Why you do not looking for it? Not too late.
The Door for the Future
Oil on Canvas, 22*26

Retrospect Pile of age. We look around our past. Good time or bad time??
It matters little whether we succeeded or not.
The memories of long time ago.
And be buried in complete oblivion.
Oil on Canvas, 40*13

Spirits They are prospering long time ago.
They were evicted from their land.
Tears. Sorrows. Their laments are still great for many years.
But I believe while there is life, there is hope.
Oil on Canvas, 26*20

Checkmate I'm a winer. You are loser.
It is simple game.
You need to listen to me because I'm your queen now.
Oil on Canvas, 20*20

Isolated(Loneliness) I'm alone. All alone.
Even in a party, still I'm alone.
Does somebody can bring red rose?
Nobody answer me. Loneliness.
Oil on Canvas, 24*30

Daytime Moon One warm spring day. I have an expensive afternoon.
Passing a day alone. Nobody is disturbung me.
Many flowers and blossoms were fluttering about in the wind. Dancing and dancing.
There was a big daytime moon watching and smiling at this dancing.
How quiet day, how leisurely time.
Daytime Moon
Oil on Canvas, 24*48
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