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Jazz Vocalist, Tatiana Mayfield

Tatiana use my painting for her CD cover and more. ^0^ Please see "Portrait-Series-Jazz Players" of my website. You can see how wonderfully she used my painting on her CD. Very beautiful. Thank you Tatiana. ^0^ ^0^

Jazz Pianist, Arlington Jones

Jazz Saxophone Player, Shelley Carrol

Texas Visual Arts Association

North Lake College

Visual Arts Sciety of Texas

Studio Fuwari (Pottery Studio-Japan)

Sakiyoshi Studio (Mt. Fuji Photographer-Japan)

Nanda Koreya World (Plastic Art & Pottery Studio-Japan)

Yasu-Kazu (Percussionist-Japan)

SAXA'S (Saxophone & Flute Player Toshio Sakka World-Japan)

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